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That night Marsden makes for France leaving behind his worried wife Sheila and small son, who live near the River Thames.At the rendezvous, a rowing boat brings Clement and his purse of diamonds to The Black Falcon.ITV bought the films and screened them in the 1960's.

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Joe's premises are searched, and police find odds and ends of jewellery settings, and an automatic pistol.

The settings are identical with some stolen in the safe blowing, though the gems have been removed.

Kathy O'Hara, a lovely orphaned Irish girl, had answered one of their advertisements.

The boss had embarked on an evil plan, after reading her letter which gave her complete financial details. An explosion in a deserted barn- and Stryker finds the charred remains of an unidentified man.

5 The Case of Soho Red- with Sebastian Cabot and Esma Cannon.