Who is dahvie vanity dating

On his now-deleted Twitter account,@Gage Arthur, he tweeted that was moving to Arizona.

His last known address is @Ayeraerae’s apartment at Westside Condominiums in Winnetka, a crappy part of the Valley (and definitely not the Westside).

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“N00 u t0tz cant do dis 2 meeee guize wtffff” the fans will cry, but it would appear cracks have been showing for some time now.

Whilst it hasn’t been confirmed, social media is blowing up with news of the split.

Nevertheless, online chatter from various sources indicates that he is indeed a fugitive. dahvie really needs to stop before he gets in trouble.

Tweetcreeping on facebook and i found this, when is dahvie going to stop going for younger girls ?

I attempted to contact the City of Centennial so that this report can be verified, but am not sure in which state that city is located; I was on hold for several minutes with the non-emergency line for the City of Centennial, Colorado Police Department before giving up.