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Finally, Samantha has given a rare interview to The Times UK which covers topics including, but not limited to, Lindsay Lohan. The interviewer ponders: One explanation for the timing might be because she had not long signed up with a new management company: Simon Fuller’s 19 Entertainment.It seemingly came on board to help Ronson expand her interests and brand, via a new album she’s recording and strategic media appearances.

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And so began a romance for our times – a multimedia soap opera that had one section of society gripped and the rest baffled as to how the inconsequential affairs of two people they’d barely heard of should be so important. Of course, I must be masculine and I must be violent. “When the rumours started that I hit her or whatever, I called Lindsay up and I was like, ‘You need to dead this rumour now.’ ” It was widely rumored/believed that Samantha didn’t do gay or lesbian venues/events, but this year things started changing for everyone, and Samantha DJ’ed at Girlbar’s Dinah Shore weekend.

Reflecting on it now, Ronson appears scarred by the experience. We went, expecting complete pandemonium, but the scene was fairly low-key.

But because there’s just one, I seem to uncontrollably care.

Laneia: They’re our age and they looked like us — like a straight girl and a gay girl, which is what we looked like, you know? Riese: If there were like five celebrity lesbian couples their age I wouldn’t care about any of them.

We get how they feel and we know when they’re fucking it up!