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But I now know, that apparently people believe that the only way to teach a child to love their bodies is to show them naked dolls? This teaching approach is careless and shows people’s lack of commitment to teach any sort of morals to their children.

I believe that bodies are of the upmost importance and are a sacred gift from God.

If they ask me questions about my naked body, I answer them.

Also, I explain why I dress modestly to them, and I teach them about what modesty in dress is.

Give them a good hour to cure, if you do more than one coat, you don’t want ugly smudges! And this is what you get front and back: Hey everyone! So apparently people are ticked that I painted nail polish bathing suits on my barbies… I should explain that it is hard for me to express this without being passionate after the lash out that I have received in the last couple days.