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For these records to be of use we need to know what localities they refer to.

I am now looking for interested persons who are willing to order 2 films from FHL in the time period most relevant to your family search and transcribe a) the names of the towns and villages in each film and b)whether the script is in Hungarian, cyrillic or other. If you do not have greek catholic family but would like to assist, there are also census records, religious conversion data and military muster lists that might contain information relevant to you.

If anyone is interested or has had difficulties in tracing rel;atives from the Munkacs/Ungvar (Mukachevo/Uzhorod, Zakarpattia region, Ukraine) area and would like to pool their knowledge please contact me at [email protected] The Greek catholic records available in LDS-FHL are written in Cyrillic and do not contain place names.